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Goulston | Surface Modification Technologies
Goulston Story

With more than 75 years of industry experience, Goulston is a market leader in the chemicals sector. While much of our experience and history is in the synthetic fibers area, we also have developed expertise in other surface modification technologies. Our mission at Goulston is to be the global leader in surface modification technologies by providing our customers with innovative products and services that are consistently superior in technology, quality, performance and value.

Our History

Founded in 1937, Goulston began operations in Scituate, MA providing spinning lubricants to the woolen and worsted mills of New England. Since that time we have established ourselves as the largest dedicated supplier of formulated fiber lubricant products to the synthetic fiber manufacturing industry. Takemoto Oil & Fat Co., Ltd., purchased Goulston in 1988. Takemoto manufactures a wide range of fine chemicals and formulated products for use in the textile, construction, plastic and agricultural industries. The combination of these two companies, along with their dedication to research and development, technical services and marketing, has created the premier source of fiber lubricant technologies in the world.

Our Commitment to Quality

Since our initial ISO registration in 1993, we have remained compliant with the ISO standard and maintain a rigorous focus on continuous improvement.

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Our Commitment to the Environment

In keeping with our ideals of Corporate Responsibility, Goulston achieved ISO-14001 registration in 2016. Further, we are committed to serving our customers’ sustainability and environmental needs by developing and formulating products that have minimal impact on the environment, utilize renewable raw material sources and reduce energy consumption.

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Our Commitment to Community & Social Responsibility

The community in which we operate and how we conduct our business drive our corporate image. Being active in our local community provides Goulston an opportunity to give back and say thank you to the people who support our business. And we will conduct all of our business with the fairest and most ethical of standards.

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Goulston Technologies, Inc.